Earn Automated Rewards on FortuneZ News and iGaming Platform

Since blockchain’s technology inception during the 2008 global financial crisis, it has impacted virtually every industry and space known to man. Even though the majority of the impact has been felt in the finance space, other industries are not far behind — the iGaming industry, for example.

The iGaming industry is rapidly changing with the introduction of new regulations, and improving with technological advancement. Blockchain is poised to transform the iGaming sector, and FortuneZ is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. With AI and blockchain technology, we created a platform to solve existing problems with traditional sportsbooks including high margins, random number generator (RNG) algorithm tampering and, especially, fraud.

FortuneZ Coin (ticker: FOTZ) is a utility token which serves as the default mode of value transfer on the FortuneZ platform, responsible for actions like automatic task rewards, betting, lending, players payouts and compensating stakeholders. The current price per token is US$0.10.

With our AI-assisted blockchain and smart contracts functionality, you can earn automatic rewards by engaging in various activities on the platform. Below, we’ll show you some ways you can earn FOTZ tokens.

News Publication

FortuneZ runs a media publication covering the latest news and happenings in the forex, crypto, and iGaming space. You get Rewards (Earn FortuneZ Coins) by:
• Reading news on the mobile app and sharing news articles with your friends.
• Interacting with other FortuneZ users.
• Referring friends (more details below).
• More actions for rewards to come. Stay tune.

Referral Rewards

In our bid to reach as many users as possible, we have incentivized our referral program. Now, for every new user you invite – who successfully registers and downloads the FortuneZ mobile app (either on Android or iOS), you’ll earn referral rewards in FOTZ tokens.

Gaming Rewards

Our gaming ecosystem will allow game developers to build and launch games on our decentralized blockchain. Users will get access to over 80 game titles, earning FOTZ token rewards for playing games on the FortuneZ gaming platform. Also, game developers will get rewards when users pay with FOTZ tokens (as in-game currency) for playing their titles.

Cashback Rewards

Users will earn cashback for performing transactions (deposits and withdrawals) in FOTZ tokens on the FortuneZ platform. Also, we plan to partner with online retailers in the future to accept FOTZ tokens as a payment method.

Finally, you can sell your FOTZ tokens on supported exchanges, or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

At FortuneZ, we believe blockchain technology — alongside artificial intelligence (AI) —is the future of the iGaming industry, and we aim to revamp the industry by providing our users with a secure, cheaper, faster, fairer, and reliable online gambling experience.

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