FOTZ radically changes todays centralized way of iGaming. The vision behind FOTZ is to have just one digital currency for iGaming. Players will be able to transfer their funds among the different platforms and even between countries without the need to change currency. With our expansion roadmap, players will be able to use their token on online casinos, and e-retailers across the internet world.

Thanks to technological innovations, a fair iGaming model has finally become a reality and FOTZ wants to help in shaping it by designing a reliable, affordable, transparent and easily accessible platform that focuses on bringing out what is best in iGaming – entertainment.

FortuneZ.com is a media publication, with an eventual iGaming platform integrated, with FortuneZ Coin (FOTZ) at its core. FOTZ is aims to provide a truly transparent and provably fair iGaming experience with low transaction costs and instant withdrawals of any amount.

Users can get FOTZ tokens as rewards daily, simply by performing certain actions, such as referring friends, sharing FortuneZ’s news on their social media, and more to come. Users can use FOTZ to play and place bets on FortuneZ’s iGaming platform, which will include virtually any card, board or slot games, ranging over 50+ different games. Users can also send and/or receive FOTZ tokens across the world on their crypto wallets, within seconds.

FOTZ is based on Ethereum blockchain technology – ERC-20 standard compatible digital token. The entire FortuneZ’s decentralized platform transactions and the ecosystem rewards and payments will utilize FOTZ tokens as its core.

Only 50% of the total supply of FOTZ will be sold during the token sale – 15% of which are set aside for long term investors (1-year smart-contract lock down), and 35% are for public sale. 20% will be kept for management and shareholders, with the remaining 30% kept for the community eco-system (Rewards and Airdrops!).

All the resources acquired in the process of the token sale will be directed towards improving the delivery rate of products, boosting marketing, PR and worldwide brand recognition, and the expansion of the FOTZ team, which will further enhance the development and delivery rate of new solutions. Hard Cap – $270M.

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