iGaming Token
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A new multi-dimensional token standard in blockchain technology for iGaming platforms.
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Token IEO will start on September 22nd 2020
Private Sale Happening Now
$1,256,432 contribution received
Why choose FortuneZ Coin (FOTZ)?
Automatic rewards systems based on unique artificial intelligence approach.
Proven business model – traditional iGaming industry bolstering tokenomics.

FortuneZ Coin (FOTZ) is a cryptocurrency specially created for FortuneZ platform actions, including rewards, betting, lending, paying out players and compensating stakeholders.

The unique advantages here includes its automatic rewards systems, based on artificial intelligence, combined with blockchain technology, smart contract, rewarding readers/users of FortuneZ for sharing its news, referring friends, and interacting on its platform.

Simultaneously, users can also play games on its gaming platform integrated within the website, and in future, its partners and/or operators’ platforms too.

Future plans include working with online retailers to accept FOTZ tokens as form of payment.


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What is FortuneZ Coin (FOTZ)?
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The mobile app with global connectivity.

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Token Sale Details
  • Name:FortuneZ Coin (FOTZ)
  • Hard Cap:USD 270,000,000
  • Soft Cap:USD 5,000,000
  • Exchange:1 FOTZ = USD 0.10
  • Methods:USD via Credit/Debit cards, Paypal, ETH, BTC
  • Min Purchase:USD 100
  • Starts:22 April 2020 (9:00 AM)
  • Ends:22 July 2020 (11:59 PM)
sold FOTZ tokens
sold FOTZ tokens
sold FOTZ tokens
sold FOTZ tokens
1 FOTZ = 0.10 USD
Fund distribution
$0.10 - Coin price
270 Million Hard Cap
5 Billion Token sale
10 Billion Tokens
Token distribution
35% Public Sale
15% Long Term Holders
30% Reserved Funding for Community & Ecosystem
20% Management, Advisors, Shareholders
Our Strategy and Project Plan

22 Feb 2020

FOTZ website launch.

22 Mar 2020

FOTZ Token Minted.

22 Apr 2020

Official Launch. Start of Private Sale.

22 May 2020

Launch Mobile App.

22 Jul 2020

Launch iGaming Platform.

22 Sep 2020

Start Public Sale – IEO.

2 Dec 2020

Listing on Top Exchange.

  • 22 Mar 2020 FOTZ Tokens Minted.
  • 22 May 2020 Launch Mobile App.
  • 22 Sep 2020 Start Public Sale – IEO.
  • 22 Feb 2020FOTZ website launch.
  • 22 Apr 2020Official Launch. Start Private Sale.
  • 22 Jul 2020 Launch iGaming Platform.
  • 2 Dec 2020 Listing on Top 10 Exchange.

FOTZ Market Cap

Subscribers Database

Supported Countries
Our Team
Meet Our Professionals
Herbert Sim

Herbert Sim, commonly known as “The Bitcoin Man”, is chairman, advisor and investor to FortuneZ, founder of Crypto Chain University. Former Chief Marketing Officer at Cryptology; former Global Operations Director at Huobi. Herbert has a Master of Business Administration from University of Wolverhampton, and Bachelors degree from Oklahoma City University.

Maria Khramtsova
Chief Executive Officer

Maria Khramtsova, is the Chief Executive Officer of FortuneZ.com. Maria has over 8-years work experience across various industries from investigations, to technology development in the government, and as a lead researcher at the world’s first repository for blockchain and crypto research papers – Crypto Chain University. Maria has a Master degree in Law, from Moscow University of Industry and Finance (MUIF).

Francine Jansen
Chief Operating Officer

Francine Jansen is the Chief Operating Officer of FortuneZ.com. Former positions include: Chief Strategy Officer at Crypto Chain University; and Chief Executive Officer of Century Vantage. Jansen has Master in Sustainability Leadership from University of Cambridge; and was valedictorian during her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at University of Cambridge, class of 2006.

David Gasparyan
Chief Technology Officer

David Gasparyan is the Chief Technology Officer at FortuneZ. Former CTO, at Cryptology; and former CTO and Technical Advisor at BetConstruct. David has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Yerevan State University.

Tania Perera
Editor (Content Lead)

Tania Perera, is the Editor (Content Lead) of FortuneZ.com. Tania has a Bachelor of Arts, Corporate Communications, First Class honors, from Lancaster University.

Alan Tan
Chief Customer Officer

Alan Tan is the Chief Customer Officer of FortuneZ. Alan has over a decade of customer support service experience at HTC. Alan has an Executive Master of Business Administration from University of Hull.

Jaguar Adva Gal
Chief Compliance Officer

Jaguar Adva Gal is Chief Compliance Officer of FortuneZ. Jaguar has a dual U.S. and Israeli CPA, as well as a well-known lawyer and litigator, with an active practice – Jaguar Lawyers firm. Jaguar has three Bachelor of Arts degrees, in Economics, Accounting, and Law, from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Kimwei Koe
Chief Financial Officer

Kimwei Koe, is the Chief Financial Officer of FortuneZ. Former positions at 99.co; PwC Malaysia; and KPMG Ireland. Kimwei has Bachelor of Science from Queen’s University of Belfast.

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GameScale is among the world’s top online gaming platform provider.


Indacoin enables secure bank card payments worldwide.


Future1Exchange is the world’s first crypto auction marketplace.

Stand a chance to win random airdrops sporadically:

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You hereby confirm that by accessing the White Paper and other informational materials, you will be deemed to have reviewed and accepted certain terms there in including confirming that you are not based in a jurisdiction where such access would be prohibited or restricted in any manner.

Frequently Questions

We wanted to solve problems that bother recent gambling and sportsbook market, including high margins, random number generator (RNG) algorithm tampering and funds freezing. FOTZ Token was designed to disrupt outdated online casino model with the use of new technologies.

USERS: You can use it with all games and bets on FortuneZ’s online casino and sportsbook. It will be the main method of payment on FortuneZ gaming platform. You can actively shape FortuneZ’s gaming content by our voting mechanism. Game developers will receive FOTZ Tokens for players enjoying their games on The Platform. Finally, tokens may be sold, or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

FOTZ Token is one of the means of exchange within the platform and has multiple applications:

  • Rewards system, for engaging on FortuneZ’s news media publication, referring friends, etc.
  • Cashback system.
  • An in-game currency.
  • Reward for game developers contribution to the FortuneZ gaming ecosystem.
  • FortuneZ Vault funds to provide liquidity for Sportsbook.
  • Used for voting on the games submitted by developers.

Yes. FOTZ Token is made to fully explore the advantages of blockchain technology. In our opinion blockchain technology is the only future for online casinos and sportsbooks, as for many different businesses. We could not provide players and bettors with cheaper, faster, more fair, secure and reliable online gambling with the use of any other existing technology. Without blockchain and its properties, we would not invent better clients’ privacy protection, democratic voting mechanisms for games, transparent method of gaming calculations, truly random and verifiable number generator, together with a way to attract plus grow Community of Developers. We carried extra steps to assure that FortuneZ’s gaming platform is compliant with most recent trends regarding online gambling platforms and decentralized casinos.

FortuneZ Coin (FOTZ) is a Utility Token.

To be eligible you need to be 18 or over and not be a citizen of USA.

Due to law restrictions USA, China and North Korea are banned from FOTZ Token Sale.

You will be able to purchase FortuneZ Coin (FOTZ) tokens during the token sale using multiple cryptocurrencies, and other payment methods such as credit/debit cards, and more…

No, FOTZ Token is primarily designed as utility token, so it does not entitle holders to profit just for holding it.

That being said, there are ways to get FOTZ Tokens as a reward, for engaging on the news platform, referring friends to download the mobile app, for developing games on the platform, etc… For more information, please refer to our whitepaper.

The best way to learn more about the tokens is to read our Whitepaper. Be sure to check out our website as well as subscribe to our social media channels on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The price of a single token will be dependent on the stage of the token sale. Token price will be cheapest at the early stages and will slightly increase over time. Current available price will be displayed on our website here – FortuneZ.io.

FOTZ Token Sale participants will be able to purchase any amount of tokens during the private sale and/or crowdsale. There are not limits on maximum investments unless the total amount of tokens sold would exceed our hard cap.

Yes, hard cap of our token sale equals to 270 million USD.

FortuneZ will be conducting a preliminary private sale for investors who will be granted an exclusive offer with an additional discount. FortuneZ accepts VCs, institutional entities, SME owners and those who wish to invest significant amount of funds for its pre-sale phase. For details, contact us at fortuneZinsider (at) gmail.com

FOTZ Tokens are not held by FortuneZ. Depending on a cryptocurrency that you invest with, you get your FOTZ Tokens instantly or up to 24hours after the transaction is confirmed.

FortuneZ has to be compliant with all legal restrictions of running an online casino in order to run as a live platform on FortuneZ.com, as well as being compliant with cryptocurrency legal requirements on FortuneZ.io.

We take KYC/AML laws very seriously to be competitive and allow other operators to license the platform, so FortuneZ will comply with all the laws and regulations required by a regular online casino meaning, that the Token Sale process will be covered by KYC as well.

We will support specifically only Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

You will still be able to buy FOTZ Token from FortuneZ mobile app and iGaming platform, and on cryptocurrency exchanges after the crowdsale. List of exchanges will be provided on our website here – FortuneZ.io.

Yes, FOTZ Token will be listed on exchanges after the crowdsale. Afterwhich, tokens can be traded on those exchanges. List of exchanges will be provided on our website here – FortuneZ.io.

We do not want to disclose that information beforehand, however, it will definitely be among the Top 10 exchanges in the world. Stay tuned to our social media channels to be the first to know.

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The Change for Cryptocurrency Gambling

Bitcoin casinos existed for a couple years in this early form. No one really paid a lot of attention to them, casino software developers didn’t make any moves to change things, and some even (rather ignorantly) believed that it would just be a fad.

10 (Demo)
The Future of Cryptocurrency Gambling

It’s only a matter of time before all major online casinos and sports betting sites switch to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For this to happen, a third party payment provider needs to start offering it as a payment method, at which point others will follow suit and the availability of cryptocurrencies will spread.

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